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How to send in the PIP form

Once you have completed your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form, you will need to send it back to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). We explain how to send in your PIP form.

The PIP claim form is a vital part of your PIP application because it’s your chance to explain why you are entitled PIP because of how your mental health impacts your life.

You will have received your PIP form by the DWP, after phoning to start your claim – this will usually be within two weeks. You must use the form the DWP sent you.

Hints and tips before sending in your PIP form

Before you send off your PIP form there are several things you should do:

Supporting documents for PIP form

The DWP must take all medical evidence into account when making their decision about your PIP application.

Supporting evidence can help your application for PIP so make sure you have all documents included with your form.

Put your National Insurance number on any supporting evidence document - making it easier for the DWP to associate the evidence with your PIP application.

Proofread your PIP form

It’s vital that you proofread your PIP form before sending it back to make sure you have answered all questions and given an accurate representation of your situation.

You can read the form yourself, or you can contact a benefits adviser to ensure you have answered the questions correctly.

Make a copy of your PIP form

You should make a copy of your completed PIP form so you can take it with you to your assessment, so you don’t forget to mention anything that could help your application.

Sending your PIP form to the DWP

You must send your PIP claim form back within one month of the date on the letter – the deadline is on the letter from the DWP.

Your PIP form came with an addressed envelope. Use this envelope to send your form to the DWP with any supporting evidence documents you have.

If you can, send your PIP form back by recorded delivery. If not make a note of the time and date you post the form for evidence in the future.


Don’t miss the deadline if you’re waiting for an extension from the DWP or to receive a document for supporting evidence. Always send the PIP form back and include a letter explaining what you’re waiting for a response to an extension or that more information will follow. You can request an extension of the deadline of up to two weeks, by contacting the DWP by telephone. Please take the name, date and time of the person you spoke to and put in the box why the form is late or additional information.

How to request more time to fill in your PIP form

If you need more time to complete your PIP form, you should ring the DWP (0800 121 4433) immediately and explain why you require extra time.

Please take the name, date and time of the person you spoke to and put in the box why the form is late or additional information. If your reason Is accepted, the DWP can agree on a new deadline over the phone.

Sending your PIP form in late

If you don’t send your PIP form back in time, the DWP will refuse your claim unless you have a good reason for sending it in late. They will inform you of the late submission and ask for a reason. If they believe your reason is valid, they may accept your claim.

What if the DWP refuses your late PIP form

If the DWP refuse you can request a mandatory reconsideration giving the reasons for the form being late or start a new PIP claim.

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