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  1. What is ESA?

    ESA is a benefit you could claim if you have an illness or disability that affects your ability to work. Find out about ESA and mental health here.

  2. How can I claim?

    Find out how to claim Employment Support Allowance (ESA), what you will need to provide for ESA, and if you're eligible for the benefit.

  3. What is the Work Capability Assessment?

    The Work Capability Assessment is used by the DWP to decide if you can claim Employment and Support Allowance. Learn about the assessment here.

  4. What are the groups of ESA?

    If you're entitled to ESA , you'll be placed in one of 2 groups; Work-Related Activity Group (WRAG), or Support Group. Find out what these mean.

  5. What is the Work Programme?

    If you have been struggling with mental health issues, the ESA Work Programme provides support to help you get into work. Find out how.

  6. Work permitted on ESA

    You can do some work while you claim ESA and still get the same amount. This is called permitted work. Find out how here.

  7. Appeal an ESA decision

    You can appeal the decision If you have been refused Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) , or you believe you are in the wrong support group. Find out how.

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