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  1. The appeals process

    We explain what the benefits appeal process is, and what you need to support your case against the DWP. Find out more now.

  2. Preparing your appeal

    We explain the best way to prepare for a benefits appeal so you have the best chance of winning. Find out how.

  3. Setting out your argument

    We explain how to write a submission for a benefits tribunal. A submission is where you set out your arguments for the tribunal in writing.

  4. Arrangements for the tribunal

    Find out how best to prepare for a benefits tribunal - Do you need support, a translator or make travel arrangements?

  5. Going to the hearing

    How will appealing a decision about your benefits play out? How long will the hearing take? When will you get a decision? Find out more.

  6. Tips for representing yourself at a benefit tribunal

    Read our best tips for a benefit tribunal when living with a mental health condition. Get prepared now.

  7. Appealing a council tax support or housing benefit decision

    We explain how you can appeal a council tax support or housing benefit decision made by your local authority. Find out now.

  8. Sample letters for requesting evidence

    Download these benefit appeal letter templates for evidence to support your PIP, ESA and Universal Credit appeals.

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