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  1. What happens to my money, home and pets?

    Going into hospital because of your mental health can affect your money, your home and your pets. We answer all of your questions.

  2. Telling others that you are in hospital

    If you are ommitted to hospital because of your mental health there are several organisations you should inform. Find out who to tell.

  3. What happens to my pay?

    If you work but have to take time off because you aren’t well enough to work, you could be entitled to sick pay. Your employment contract may say how much your employer will pay you and how long for, which is called ‘contractual sick pay’.

  4. What happens to my benefits?

    If you were claiming benefits before going into hospital beacuse of your mental health It is important that you tell the DWP because some benefits stop after you have been in hospital for a certain amount of time. Find out more about claiming benefits and going into hospital.

  5. How will my Universal Credit be affected?

    Your Universal Credit (UC) is normally unaffected until you have been in hospital for more than six months but at present, there is no information about what happens after six months. Get advice from a welfare rights specialist or your local Job Centre if this applies to you, so then you can understand what you need to do.

  6. How can I pay my bills?

    You can give someone else the right to access the money in your bank or building society account. To do this, you need to ask your bank or building society for a ‘third-party mandate’. Find out more.

  7. I can’t afford my debts

    Dealing with debt can be stressful and if you don’t feel well enough to manage this, you can give permission to your carer to deal with your debts for you. Find out how to do this.

  8. What if I cannot look after my money?

    Sometimes if you go into hospital, your mental capacity may be assessed – this is your ability to make decisions for yourself. If doctors think you lack mental capacity, you will not be able to make decisions about your finances. Find out how this may affect you.

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