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  1. What is mandatory reconsideration?

    Mandatory reconsideration means that you can ask the DWP or HMRC to revisit a benefit claim if you are unhappy with their decision. Find out how.

  2. I’m out of time – is there anything I can do?

    Find out how to apply for a mandatory reconsideration after the deadline has passed, what circumstances the DWP will consider and any further deadlines.

  3. Your benefits during mandatory reconsideration

    Find out what happens to your benefits during mandatory reconsideration - which benefits you can still claim and under what circumstances.

  4. Your benefits after mandatory reconsideration

    Understand how your benefits can be affected as a result of your mandatory reconsideration decision, and how to challenge it if you're unsatisfied.

  5. Sample letters

    Download these mandatory reconsideration letter templates for evidence to support your ESA, Universal Credit or PIP appeals.

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