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  1. Budgeting

    Financial difficulties can make your mental health worse, so here is some practical guidance to help you budget effectively.

  2. Managing money

    We explain how to manage your money better with a mental health condition. Find out if you're entitled to any utility bills discount now.

  3. Bank accounts

    Learn how to manage different bank accounts with a mental illness, and why it’s a good idea to put aside money for essential bills.

  4. Top Tips

    Here are our top tips for managing money with a mental health condition - learn about dealing with debt, useful tools and identifying spending triggers.

  5. Codes of Practice and Guidelines

    When you have a mental illness talking tackling your money problems can appear impossible. We explain the various laws that are there to protect you.

  6. Taking out credit

    We list everything to consider before taking out credit when you have a mental illness - from paying your household bills to budgeting.

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