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  1. How do I make a will?

    We explain how to make a will ensuring it's valid, how to find a solicitor, and understanding the benefits. Find out more now.

  2. What if my relative inherits a lump sum?

    We explain what impact a lump sum inheritance can have on benefits, money management and social care for someone living with a mental illness.

  3. Discretionary trusts

    A discretionary trust can be used to manage the inheritance of someone living with a mental illness. Read the benefits and negatives now.

  4. Trusts and mental illness

    Rethink Mental Illness has set up Rethink Trust Corporation (RTC), which is a specialist mental health trust. Find out how they can help.

  5. Find a solicitor

    Find out how to find a specialist solicitor to help set up a trust fund or will for someone with a mental illness.

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