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  1. Understanding your options

    If you are unwell because of your mental health you can give permission to your carer, friend or relative so they can help you with your finances. Find out how.

  2. Speaking on my behalf

    If you’re experiencing poor mental health, you may not be able to speak to companies over the phone. Find out how to give permission for someone to speak for you over the phone.

  3. Claiming benefits

    If you are finding it difficult to deal with the benefit system, you may be able to have an ‘appointee’ claim your benefits for you. Find out how here.

  4. Tax credits

    You can appoint a trusted person to claim your tax credits on your behalf. Find out how to do this here.

  5. Lasting Power of Attorney

    If you're concerned your mental health condition will impact your ability to make decisions you can grant someone ‘Lasting Power of Attorney’. Find out how here.

  6. Court of Protection appointed Deputy

    A Court of Protection can grant a carer, close friend or relative as a Deputy if someone doesn't have the ability to make financial decisions.

  7. Which bills to pay first

    There are some bills - priority payments - which are more important than others. We explain which bills you should pay first.

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