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  1. What is social care?

    A social care service is a service you get to meet your social care needs in the community. These services help you improve your mental health.

  2. What is a personal budget?

    When you have a care and support plan, you will get a personal budget. This is money from social services to spend on services that you want

  3. Will I have to pay?

    You may be on a section 117 if you have been discharged from certain sections of the Mental Health Act 1983. If you are on section 117, you may get free aftercare services. Find out more.

  4. What if I cannot afford the charges?

    You should tell the local authority if you feel you cannot afford the amount they are charging you. You can tell the person who did the assessment with you and ask them to review it.

  5. Can I complain about the charges?

    You may have issues around the local authority charging you for social care. They should make sure you know how to appeal their decisions, or complain if that’s what you want.

  6. Direct Payments

    If your local authority is providing you with social care services, they may arrange payment themselves. They will pay all or part of the costs.

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