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  1. What is private mental healthcare?

    Private healthcare means going outside of the NHS and paying for the health services you want. For a mental health care this could mean assessments which could lead to a diagnosis or treatment plan, therapy or staying at a specialist rehabilitation unit or hospital.

  2. Why would I choose to go private?

    The NHS offers treatment or care for your mental health needs, but you may decide to get private healthcare. Find out why you might consider private mental health medical care.

  3. Accessing private mental healthcare

    You can access private mental healthcare in several ways including through your GP, directly with a provider, an internet search or a specialist NHS service.

  4. Paying for private mental healthcare

    You can pay directly for your private treatment, which is known as ‘self-paying’. Some services offer fixed price schemes or loans, or you might be able to pay in instalments. If you are on a low income, you may be able to get lower fees for certain types of treatment (for example counselling).

  5. What are my rights?

    When you buy private healthcare, you are buying a service. By law your private healthcare provider must stick to everything that you have both agreed to. Find out how to make a complaint about your private medical provider.

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