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Mental Health and Money Toolkit guide for healthcare professionals

The Mental Health and Money Advice service was funded by the DHSC to produce a resource to support people to manage both their mental health and money difficulties.

After engaging with the National Academy for Social Prescribing, healthcare professionals and people with mental health and money worries, we have co-produced a Mental Health & Money Toolkit.

This approach was chosen as people with lived experience wanted an interactive, ‘patient-held’ record, that they could work on collaboratively with their health and social care professional.

Download the Toolkit pack

Why healthcare professionals should use the Mental Health & Money Advice Toolkit

Why use the Mental health and money toolkit with people using your service?

This toolkit should guide conversations between you and the people using your services, and to link them in with their local voluntary sector provision to help you support people in understanding, managing and improving both their financial and mental health.

Key points to consider

  • It can be embedded into initial consultations or appointments, to normalise conversations around mental health and money.
  • It is a collaborative tool, to be completed by you and the person with mental health and money difficulties.

What is in the Toolkit

The Toolkit is split into different sections, allowing the people you work with to decide which are relevant to them. It covers:

  1. Mental health and money: Where to start
  2. Getting ready to take action
  3. Understanding your finances
  4. Navigating the benefit system
  5. Support
  6. Signposting and appointment planner

Download your free

Mental Health and Money Toolkit

Help people, you work with understand, manage and improve both their mental and financial health.

What is included?

  • A pdf guide for healthcare professionals. We recommend you read this first, as it will advise you on what and how to use the Toolkit when working with someone with mental health and money difficulties.
  • A digital PDF version of the Toolkit which can be completed on a computer. This version allows the user to make edits and save their progress digitally.
  • A print-friendly black and white version.
Download the Toolkit pack

Download the Toolkit activity sheets

These activity sheets feature in the Toolkit, but you may wish to print them off individually to help the people you are working with. They cover confidence building, self-care, problem-solving, bill prioritisation and income and outgoings.


Mental health and money advice

In addition to the Toolkit, we have several in-depth articles which will help the people you are working with better manage their mental health and money situation.

Relationship between mental health and money

Understand the links between mental health and money, how it affects you, what the impact might be and how to manage the situation.

Welfare benefits advice

Applying for benefits with a mental health condition can be daunting. Our easy to understand guides explain everything from a mental health point of view.

Managing money advice

Managing your money can be difficult, and your mental health can suffer if you're are dealing with money worries.

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