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Financial help when claiming PIP

If you claim Personal Independence Payment (PIP), you may be entitled to more benefit support, a council tax reduction or discount on travel. Find out if you’re entitled to more financial help when getting PIP.

To apply for extra financial help when receiving PIP, you will need a copy of your PIP award letter - also known as a PIP award notice - which you would have received when the DWP made their decision on your PIP claim.

What other benefits can I claim if I get PIP?

When you receive PIP, you may also be entitled to top-up premiums for the following benefits:

Can I claim Universal Credit and PIP at the same time?

If you are getting PIP you may still be eligible for Universal Credit (UC). If you receive both, your PIP will continue to be paid along with your UC. Learn more about Universal Credit here.

Disability Premium on top of PIP

Disability premiums are additional amounts of money you can claim on top of the benefits listed above. If you or your partner are receiving PIP, you may be able to get any or all the disability premiums. You can find out the current amounts on the government's website here.


If you get income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) you cannot get the disability premium, but you may still qualify for the severe and enhanced premiums.

Council tax discount on PIP

If you are receiving either the daily living or mobility component of PIP, you may be able to claim a council tax discount. Contact your local council for more details.

Travel support on PIP

Once awarded PIP you can apply for the following travel support:

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