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Welfare advice for a PIP claim

Claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can be complicated and stressful if you have a mental health condition. Speak to a welfare rights adviser if you need help with your PIP claim.

How can a welfare rights advisor help me apply for PIP

Several welfare rights organisations within England can help you with your PIP claim. However, the service each organisation offers can differ.

Welfare rights advisors may be able to help with the following when applying for PIP:

Where can I get welfare advice for PIP?

You can get welfare rights advice on PIP from the Citizens Advice. You can also find a local welfare rights advisor to help you with your PIP claim through Turn2us or your local authority.

Mental Health and Money Advice for PIP

While you wait to get an appointment with a welfare advisor, you can use our free Mental Health and Money Advice PIP guide which explains the entire PIP process.

Can I get legal aid for a PIP claim?

Legal aid is not available for help with PIP claims unless you need to appeal a PIP decision to an Upper Tribunal.

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