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How do I manage my money if I have mental health problems?

Managing your money can be difficult, and your mental health can suffer if you are dealing with money worries like getting into debt, overspending and problems with benefits.

Cost-of-living crisis and your mental health

We know that many people are feeling the strain as the cost of living continues to increase. In this section, you will find information about how you can maintain your mental wellbeing at this time, alongside information on how to manage your money as your bills rise.

Scams, fraud, and your mental health

Scams and fraud are unfortunately commonplace, especially on the internet. It isn’t always obvious when you encounter a scam. In this article, we’ll share some of the research and data on scams and fraud, who might be affected, the mental health effects of falling for a scam, how to report it, and how to keep yourself safe.

Insurance and mental health guide

This insurance and mental health guide offers help for people living with a pre-existing mental health condition. You can find information on the type of coverage you may need, how to find the right insurer, a list of specialist insurance providers for people with mental health conditions, what your rights are and how to make a complaint about an insurer.

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