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  1. What is breathing space?

    Breathing space is a free Government-backed scheme allowing individuals time to get debt advice to help relieve the stress caused by debt.

  2. What is a mental health breathing space?

    A mental health breathing space is a debt respite scheme for people currently receiving mental health crisis treatment.

  3. Priority and non-priority debts

  4. Bank accounts and debt

  5. Drawing up a budget sheet

  6. Negotiating reduced payments to your debts

  7. Free Debt Management Plans

  8. Administration Order

  9. Debt Relief Order

  10. Individual Voluntary Arrangement

  11. Bankruptcy

  12. Write Offs

  13. Will I be 'blacklisted'?

  14. What can creditors do if I don't pay?

  15. Should I tell creditors about my mental health?

  16. Getting help from a specialist adviser

  17. What to know about loan sharks

    If you're struggling financially, it's important to know how to spot a loan shark and what to do if you have borrowed money from one. We share everything you need to know.

  18. Next steps

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