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  1. What is Universal Credit?

  2. How much can I get?

    Learn what elements contribute towards determining how much Universal Credit you will get to make up your monthly payment.

  3. What if I am working or studying?

    Understand how you can still claim Universal credit if you work or are studying. Find out how much you can earn before your Universal Credit is reduced.

  4. What if I care for someone or have children?

    Find out if you can claim Universal Credit if you care for someone or have children of your own.

  5. What about my housing costs?

    Find out how to claim your housing costs as part of your Universal Credit claim.

  6. How will income, savings and property affect my Universal Credit?

    Find out how income, savings, and property affect how much Universal Credit you can claim for.

  7. Will the Benefit Cap affect me?

  8. How will I get my Universal Credit payments?

  9. What is the claimant commitment?

  10. Can I appeal if I disagree with a decision?

  11. When will I have to claim?

  12. Next steps

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