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  1. What is PIP?

    PIP is a benefit for people who need daily help because of a long-term illness or disability. Find out what PIP is.

  2. Can I claim PIP for mental health?

    You may be entitled to PIP if you have a mental health condition. Find out if you can claim PIP now.

  3. How much PIP will I get?

    We explain the different PIP rates, how long you can get it for and how often it’s paid. Find out now.

  4. Financial help when claiming PIP

    If you claim PIP you may be entitled to more benefit support, a council tax reduction or discount on travel. Find out if you’re entitled to more financial help when getting PIP?

  5. Moving from DLA to PIP

    PIP is replacing Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16 to 64. Find out how moving from DLA to PIP will affect you.


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