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  1. How to claim PIP

    Find out how to claim PIP and what information you will need to start you PIP claim with a mental health condition.

  2. How to fill in the PIP form

    We explain how to fill in your PIP form. We guide you through each question explaining what it means and suggest tips and help for those applying with a mental health condition.

  3. How to send in the PIP form

    We explain how to send in your completed Personal Independence Payment form.

  4. Supporting evidence for a PIP claim

    Find out how supporting evidence - especially medical - can make a significant difference to the outcome of your PIP claim.

  5. What are the PIP descriptors?

    PIP descriptors are a way of assessing your ability to carry out specific daily living and mobility activities when applying for PIP.

  6. What is the PIP medical assessment?

    We explain what the PIP medical assessment is, and help you understand what to expect at your assessment.

  7. PIP assessment tips

    Prepare for your PIP medical assessment with our free PIP assessment tips guide. Get tips, help and recommendations for your upcoming PIP assessment.

  8. PIP review process

    The Department for Work and Pensions can review your PIP at any time. We explain the PIP review process.

  9. Changes that affect your PIP claim

    If you claim PIP you must report specific changes in your health or personal circumstances to the Department for Work and Pensions.

  10. Welfare advice for a PIP claim

    Claiming PIP can be complicated and stressful with poor mental health. We explain how a welfare rights advisor can help you.


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