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  1. Mental health and insurance cover

    A mental health condition can make it more difficult for you to get insurance cover. Find out how a mental health condition can affect your insurance application.

  2. What insurance might I need if I have a mental health condition?

    We explain the most common insurance cover options and why you may consider taking them out if you have a mental health condition.

  3. How to find the right Insurance cover with a mental health condition

    Having a mental health condition can affect or limit your options when buying insurance cover. Our guide explains how to find the right insurance cover for you.

  4. Specialist insurance providers for pre-existing mental health conditions

    Several UK insurance providers offer specialist insurance cover for people with pre-existing mental health conditions. Find out who they are.

  5. What are my rights when applying for insurance with a mental health condition?

    If you feel like you have been discriminated against by an insurer because of your mental health, find out what your rights are and the guidelines insurers must follow.

  6. How to make a complaint about an insurance decision made about your mental health

    We explain how to make a complaint If you think you have been discriminated against by an insurer because of your mental health condition.

  7. Advice for insurance professionals working with a client who has a mental health condition

    If you work in the insurance industry, you will encounter people who have a mental health diagnosis. We explain how to support your customers to get them the most suited insurance cover.

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