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  1. How does the DfC decide on PIP claims?

    A DfC decision maker will determine if you get PIP and at what rate. Find out how they assess and score your PIP claim.

  2. How to understand your PIP decision

    Find out when you will get your PIP decision, how to understand it, and what to do if you disagree with the outcome.

  3. How to challenge a PIP decision

    If you believe the outcome of your claim for PIP is incorrect, you can challenge the DfC's decision. Find out how.

  4. Mandatory reconsideration for PIP

    Find out how to challenge a PIP decision with the DfC through mandatory reconsideration.

  5. How to appeal against a PIP decision

    Find out how to appeal against a PIP decision with a mental health condition.

  6. How to prepare for a PIP appeal tribunal

    Prepare and read tips for your PIP appeal tribunal, so you have the best chance of winning your PIP appeal.

  7. Making a complaint about PIP

    Learn how to make a complaint about your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) experience.


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