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Key points of this subject

  1. You must appeal to the tribunal service within 1 month of the date on the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice.
  2. The tribunal will look at all the information that you and the DWP give. They will decide if the decision should change or stay the same.
  3. If you decide to appeal, you will need to prepare the appeal yourself. There may be a service in your area to help you with this appeal.
  4. You may find it useful to give information to the tribunal service before your hearing.
  5. You can also appeal a local authority decision on benefits such as housing benefit.
  6. You must ask for a mandatory reconsideration from the DWP before you can appeal to a tribunal.

Within this subject

  1. Overview
  2. The appeals process
  3. Preparing your appeal
  4. Setting out your argument in writing
  5. Making arrangements for the tribunal
  6. Going to the hearing
  7. Tips for representing yourself
  8. Can I appeal against my council tax support or housing benefit decision?
  9. Sample letters for requesting evidence
  10. Next steps

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