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Key points of this subject

  1. There is no duty on local authorities to charge for care services, but they do have the power to decide whether or not to charge.
  2. Community care charges are different around the country so this article provides an overview.
  3. Some people are exempt from charges and this includes people with a mental illness who are on Compulsory Treatment Orders or Compulsion Orders.
  4. People over 65 are exempt from charges for the personal care elements of their care; and people who are terminally ill usually do not need to pay for services they are assessed as needing.
  5. Some services are not chargeable, and they are services provided within Criminal Justice Social Work and Adult Support and Protection rules.
  6. If you are not happy with the amount your local authority is charging, you should ask for a review of your circumstances.

Within this subject

  1. Overview
  2. What is social care?
  3. When can the local authority charge me for non-residential services?
  4. What is a financial assessment?
  5. Self-Directed Support
  6. Will I have to pay for compulsory treatment services?
  7. I’m a carer; will the local authority charge me?
  8. What if I cannot afford the charges?
  9. How can I deal with problems about charges?
  10. Can I get a Direct Payment or SDS payment?
  11. How will the local authority pay me?
  12. What can I spend SDS payment on?
  13. What are my responsbilities?
  14. When will my SDS payments end?
  15. I'm a carer; can I get SDS payments?
  16. Next steps

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