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Key points of this subject

  1. The Trust has a choice whether or not to charge you for ‘non-residential’ social care services.
  2. There are multiple pieces of legislation regulating social care in Northern Ireland – Health and Personal Social Services (NI) Order 1972 gives the Department powers to recover charges for Social Care.
  3. The charging system in NI is largely discretionary and it differs between local Trusts.

Within this subject

  1. Overview
  2. What is social care?
  3. When can the Trust charge me for non-residential services?
  4. I am a carer; will the Trust charge me?
  5. What if I cannot afford the charges?
  6. How can I deal with problems about charges?
  7. What are direct payments?
  8. Can I get direct payments?
  9. How will the local Trust pay me?
  10. What can I spend direct payments on?
  11. What are important things to know about managing Direct Payments?
  12. When will my direct payments end?
  13. Next steps

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